Red Stuff in Virginia for Menstrual Monday

In your dormitory,
classroom or apartment, 
at a friend's house,
at a park or other open area
the center of campus
in a restaurant or cafe
just about anywhere!

Strawberries in Michigan

Egg Sacs


February 2012

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Lots of ideas for Menstrual Monday 2012 - now on video! Love the idea of "Occupy Your Period" stamped on a red mechanic's "rag," as well as menstrual red pine cones, pine cone seeds to plant, and blue W2 forms that burn in a special brazier (not brassiere, brazier). Occupy Your Period / Burn Your W2 - vacillation. Oscillation. Periodicity. It's all good.

Menstrual Monday Updates to follow (and video!)


There's my favorite line in the movie "Jurassic Park," when Dr. Ian Malcolm, the character played by Jeff Goldblum, says:

"Boy, do I hate being right all the time!"

Although I might paraphrase that to, I hate coming back to the Broken Tampon Memorial Fountain all the time...the idea, the drawing, and yes, the ambition to break ground, and build the thing...

A centotaph: A memorial to those whose remains are elsewhereOne of the odd features of menstrual research seems to be - it so rarely connects up with anything if the "taboo" surrounding menstruation, among the general populace, is mirrored in the minds of menstrual researchers...analysis and theorizing about menstruation doesn't extend to, say, the Wall Street meltdown, or Gulf Oil spill, well, because - menstruation is menstruation and Wall Street is Wall Street...or:  oil and menstrual cycles go together like, well, oil and water...

...but I just wonder - if "quants" can "invade" Wall Street (that is, people with PhDs in mathematics / statistics / computer science), thereby transforming Wall Street...why can't "mensts" (I can't really pronounce it either) launch a different kind of invasion, and effect a different kind of transformation?

Photo above:  Univ of Michigan campus: A cenotaph, a memorial to those whose remains lie elsewhere.  Should we start creating "envirotaphs," for creatures who die as a result of human-made environmental disasters?

The Broken Tampon Memorial Fountain:  A Formulation

Broken Tampon Memorial FountainThe Broken Tampon Memorial Fountain is dedicated to victims of toxic shock - past, present and future. 

While designing the fountain (back in 2005), I started to play around with four words:  protection, confidence, toxicity and shock. Two were good things and two were bad.  But it seemed like the switched-around formulation  "toxic protection leads to confidence shock" accurately described some of my own experiences, as well as the history of Detroit.

Toxic Tampon Deja Vu – Part I

A few years later I was overdrawn on my debit card – by 82 cents. The bank went ahead and allowed a 2nd transaction to go through, so I ended up with $60 in fees on 82 cents! When I called customer service to find out WHY the 2nd transaction hadn't been "declined," I was told I had "overdraft protection" on my account, as aatm MACHINE "courtesy" from the bank!

I thought wow, I've been through this before! Toxic protection:  While exposing you to great harm, they claim to be protecting you - creating super profits for them and confidence shock (at the very least) for you!  Happy ending:  After I wrote a letter to the bank's president, the fees were taken off. Now that's what I call protection!

Toxic Tampon Deja Vu – Part II

2008 - and Wall Street crashes, due in large part to "exotic" financial transactions, such as credit default swaps (derivatives):

"A credit default swap, in its simplest form [...] is a bilateral contract between a protection buyer and a protection seller."

Investor Warren Buffet called these, er, protection transactions "financial weapons of mass destruction." 

Or as poet William Blake might have put it:  To see a world in a grain of sand - and a global economic crisis in a tampon.

Toxic Tampon Deja Vu – Part IIIan example of a blowout preventer

Update:  Perhaps that should be:  To see a world in a grain of sand - and a busted blow-out preventer  in a tampon.